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Action Fuel Pro is a dietary supplement which the official website claims can help you get strength fast, ripped, eliminate excess fat, boost energy all naturally, and of course maximize your sex drive. It is developed to provide you with quick results and boost your energy while decreasing body fat through an increased digestion and metabolism naturally. Action Fuel Pro claims you will feel powerful results and jacked up throughout the day resulting in a constantly ripped, hard, and cut body. They of course, have plenty of other claims including that it will offer all of these results with no tiring exercises, equipment, systems, or expensive health foods thus helping you literarily lose weight and gain muscle easily and quickly.

The official website does offer additional information about the ingredients in Action Fuel Pro and how they work however they don’t really reflect the actual benefits that are listed, and there are plenty. I did get a chance to personally try it and am ready to share my findings with you and my personal experience and results.

Action Fuel pro


How does Action Fuel Pro Work and the Ingredients

The official website offers plenty of information about the ingredients found in the supplement. The main ingredient, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate claims to boost No thus improving oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles thus improving your workouts and speeding up recovery time.

Here is a full list of the ingredients starting with the active ingredients:

  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is a well known ingredient in supplements meant for building muscles. It is known to boost Nitric Oxide which is known to be effective in increasing flow of nutrients, oxygen, and amino acids to the muscles thus improving protein synthesis and giving you the desired results from your workout. It is also known to produce ATP which is one of the most important high energy molecules that powers just about everything that you do.
  • Beta Alanine consolidates gains by synthesizing carnosine thus providing and promoting muscle mass while increasing aerobic endurance.
  • Taurine is a well known amino acid found regularly in supplements that supports cardiovascular function of development of ultimate muscle power.
  • Caffeine is also a very popular ingredient in supplements though I can’t say it is the safest and most effective one. In this case they claim that when combined with Taurine it offers unbeatable results that provide the necessary stimulation for more focused and ultra productive workouts.

This is actually one of the first times that I have seen a website actually offer not only a list of its inactive ingredients but additional supporting information about them as well. Here is the list as per the official website:

  • Silica is an absorbent compound used in supplements allowing ingredients to be combined into one capsule.
  • Stearic Acid is a natural fatty acid that has been extensively tested to ensure its effectiveness as the safest way to disperse ingredients in supplements.
  • Gelatin is the actual capsule in which the ingredients are combined and is used regularly as it is an unobtrusive means of delivering ingredients in the easiest and safest way.
  • Magnesium Stearate is essential for offering optimal dosages of each ingredient plus it offers the benefits of Magnesium which includes deeper and a far more restful sleep.

Generally these ingredients are considered safe and pose no serious possibilities of side effects. The only warning that they do give is that you must be 18 years or older to take the supplement and if you are a woman who is pregnant or nursing you should not take it.

I have researched each of the ingredients in depth and in addition to finding that they don’t pose any serious side effects I have also found that they are all either proven to be effective or there is insufficient evidence. The insufficient evidence is noted as there is no hard proof on black and white claiming that they are effective however they are so widely used in supplements that I do feel they could really be effective in reaching the wanted results.



It is important to remember that supplements are not regulated by the FDA and that if you are considering any sort of supplement, regardless what you want to take it for it is key to speak with your physician or health professional before you start taking it. The good thing is that we are offered a full list of ingredients so we are well aware if there are possible dangers or health risks when consuming Action Fuel Pro. While I took the supplement I did not experience any side effects but considering that they did have some ingredients that don’t have proven effectiveness and are not researched in depth it does leave me wondering if perhaps others have experienced side effects.

Another question that I have had from guys at the gym knowing that I review supplements is whether there are illegal or harmful ingredients which may end up triggering a blood test. I have to admit that I am not 100% sure because some companies like these like to throw in some illegal ingredients to get better results without actually sharing this information so if you are a professional athlete in the NCAA I would make sure before taking the supplement and wont risk it.

My Experience with Action Fuel Pro

Of course I couldn’t miss the chance to actually try out Action fuel Pro and check if it really does live up to its name and to complete my review. When I first started taking it I made sure I was taking it without anything else so I can get real results and gauge it more accurately. The instructions state that you take the supplement 1-2 times daily anywhere between 30-45 minutes before your workout. The only warning they have is not to take more than 3 in a 24 hour period.

When I first started taking it I can admit that I did feel a bit more energetic I guess, but certainly NOTHING like the claims in the website. I did experience a slight increase in libido about a week into taking the supplement but I am no sex machine though. My abs did become more prominent and I did feel that Action Fuel Pro could consider a name change as it certainly was far from the promised results.

About 3 weeks after taking the supplement and had no notable results I just decided to continue taking it and see if something would actually happen. After about a month I had lost MAYBE 2.5 lbs, far from my expectations of looking buffer. Then one day out of nowhere I got a brand new bottle of Action Fuel Pro in the mail! Of course I automatically thought that they were just being generous and decided to continue taking it because hey, “free stuff!” and perhaps it would take longer to get the results I wanted. Then a week later when I was at the ATM trying to pull out money to go out I realize I was charged $87.47 twice!! Of course I grabbed the phone ENFURIATED demanding information about these charges and the rep on the other side was far from helpful.

In the end I was charged nearly $180 for a product that I not only didn’t want to take anymore but actually didn’t work! Far from impressed I decided to take my complaints online and hopefully others will read my experience before getting caught up in their horrible scheme being charged hundreds of dollars before realizing they are being charged for this product.

Action Fuel

Taking Ripped Muscle X With Other Supplements

So, I took my research off the official website and found that many reviews are posted about the supplement being combined with Muscle Forge X resulting in unbelievable muscles and power. Of course, after doing some extensive research it turns out this is completely untrue and are just a marketing tactic to get you to not only order one but both supplements thus completely screwing you over and charging you unbelievable amounts of money. Here is what some of them are saying:

Action Fuel Pro and Muscle Forge X Antler Extract

I have seen reviews like these far too many times. Of course it all starts with how their product is the “Miracle supplement that A-List Celebrity’s Use” with stolen and photoshopped images of pumped stars like “The Rock” who’s muscles are magically transformed from this supplement. Of course they continue to state that this is due to the combination of Action Fuel Pro and Muscle Forge X Angler Extract. Better yet…the companies that have developed these supplements are giving them to you for free for a limited time only accompanied by a timer. There is the “tester” that has used the combination and has gotten insane results with unbelievable muscle growth and transformation.

Then, as you read on and check the fine print the truth starts to reveal itself. Once you sign up for their incredible free trial for the two products you are automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program where you are stuck in a nightmare circle of charges which may end up costing you not hundreds but thousands!!! There are some people out there that have this sort of cash and would gladly pay if the Action Fuel Pro and Muscle Forge X Antler Extract really worked but unfortunately it does not!


Pros and Cons of Action Fuel Pro

Of course, when put in a nice list of pros and cons I think you will be able to get a clearer view of whether this supplement is really for you and if you should waste your money on it.

Action Fuel Pro Advantages

  • The ingredients in the supplement are considered safe and some are proven to be effective when combined with a healthy workout and diet.
  • You really do get a free trial (at the price of shipping) but make sure you read the terms in detail.

Action Fuel Pro Disadvantages

  • The only reviews of Action Fuel Pro are in scammy websites looking to sell the product
  • Very tricky free trial offer
  • Almost certainly a scam
  • Not sure if ingredients may trigger blood test

How and Where to Buy

I could not find Action Fuel Pro anywhere else except for the official website and through their free trial offer. You just order from the website and pay shipping and will be send a 1 month supply. Here comes the tricky part. You have only 14 days from the day you order to actually test the supplement and if you do not cancel within this timeframe you will automatically be charged the full price of $87.47 and signed up for their auto ship program. So, if you don’t cancel within the 14 days you are charged for your free bottle. If you do not cancel you will also continue to receive a new bottle every month and in turn will continue to be charged $87.47 plus shipping and handling for it. So, in the end, the “free” bottle is actually 14 (minus the 2-3 days needed for shipping) day trial rather than a full free bottle. The website of course makes sure to notify you that you will start seeing results after 3 months so what’s the point of the “free” trial.

As mentioned above I could not find Action Fuel Pro anywhere including some of the most popular places where supplements are sold including GNC, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens.

In Conclusion…

There are many supplements on the market that offer plenty of benefits including lean muscle growth and energy. They help give you motivation and stamina for your workouts while boosting your body’s ability to burn fat along with numerous other benefits. Many are actually from reputable manufacturers and are proven to work but some are far from what they promise. Based on my personal experience, research, and review I don’t think that Action Fuel Pro is an effective and legitimate product. Action Fuel Pro has very shady tactics in ordering and making it nearly impossible to order without being enrolled in their auto ship program makes it even shadier. They do offer a list of ingredients and though they are relatively hopeful their tactics and the overall website is far from trustworthy. Don’t take my word for it but rather do research on your own as well because my policy is never trust anything you read online.

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