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Alleure Eye Serum is biggest scam? Read Alleure Eye Serum user complains, scam, side effects

I first read about Alleure Eye Serum in an email I had received. I had been looking for something to help reduce the signs of aging around my eyes because I felt that at 35 it was simply too early to have them. As a smoker I knew very well that I should expect it but certainly, one day when I woke up and realized that even after a good night’s sleep I still had puffiness and dark circles I was worried. I never thought this day would come before I hit my 40’s but here it is and I was on a mission. I work in customer service and my image is everything when dealing with clients. Unfortunately, the first impression is based not only on the way you help them out and communicate with them but by your image as well. I have been working towards a serious promotion and not only did this new me in the mirror bring down my self-esteem but much younger prospects were in line for the promotion as well, which could have easily left me behind.

In general, I am very skeptical with ordering anything online aside from clothes, and even then I can’t say I am 100% trusting. You never know who you are dealing with on the other side and what their intentions are. When it comes to creams and supplements this is especially important as you have no idea how they will affect your health, which is far more important than a rip in a shirt. There are many things that concerned me when I first went on this mission to discover whether this product is what I am looking for.


What is Alleure Eye Serum

The official website is pretty fresh, though pretty similar to many other websites offering similar products and even supplements. It’s put together well though and there is plenty of information about the product. Initially you are greeted with three percents which I will share below.

45% improvement of skin texture
31% reduction of eye puffiness
35% reduction of dark circles
These are actually pretty impressive percent and if this cream can actually achieve all of this I would be more than happy to pay any price given. I even considered surgery initially but just the thought of it after I did some researched made me want to faint, not only from the pain I would have to endure but the price of it as well. Not to mention how absolutely dangerous it is these days to do anything of the sort considering all of the botched jobs I have seen.

The perfect were more than attractive and bid me to continue reading. I learned a bit about the skin around my eyes as well. The official website gives some information regarding how the skin around the eye is actually the most delicate and sensitive area of your whole face. This is because skin around the eye is actually 40% thinner which means that in turn it is less protected. The result, the first signs of aging nearly always show up around the eyes first simply because it is more prone to wrinkles, shadows, and bags. This, actually, I never knew. This explains why target treatment is necessary over just standard day and night creams.


How Does Alleure Eye Serum Achieve This?

Found in this cream is a blend of highly researched ingredients. They not only offer instant benefits but long term results which help you get the smoother, brighter, and more firmer looking eyes you have been dreaming about since you first saw the signs of aging. The cream is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants which help give you full protection from free radical damage all the while filling fine lines and correcting the appearance of discoloration and fine lines. This all sounds great but to an extent too good to be true. If this product was so absolutely impressive why am I hearing about it just now? I also tried to do a search for it online to get some reviews and information and I can’t say that I found anything significant.

Alleure Eye Serum works on a cellular level as per the official website. It helps eliminate blood originating pigments which are responsible for a number of issues including inflammation around the eyes and dark circles. What it does is helps eliminate as well as prevent bags under eyes, puffiness while boosting epidermal regeneration and helps lessen appearance of dark circles and those painful to look at fine lines.

There actually has been a clinical study done on the product itself. The results are as follows:

The double blind randomized study consisted of 20 subjects that over the period of 8 weeks applied the product to a cleansed face 2 times daily. The results: a significant improvement in skin after 8 weeks.


What Alleure Eye Serum Promises

As with all other creams available on the market there are plenty of promises. This is where my concern is because I have actually tried 2-3 different creams so far. Each claiming to be the newest and the best product on the market. After trying them I either experienced side effects, had absolutely no results, or simply felt scammed because of the wild price. I am willing to pay the price if the product works but so far I have seen nothing other than basic creams with limited results.

This is what Alleure Eye Serum offers and how:

Skin Rejuvenation – avoid expensive surgery and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By offering continuous regeneration of cell growth the serum helps reverse the early visible signs of aging. This results in noticeably reduced wrinkle size, smoother skin, and an overall plumping effect.
Moisture Retention – from the looks of it one of the ingredients is Hyaluronic acid which binds to moisture. It has the ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water which makes it the ultimate skin plumper. It is effective in helping your skin regenerate and repair itself from the damages of dryness, irritation, and environmental influences.
Rejuvenate Skin Cells – by applying this product your skin will increase in measurable cell vitality by as much as 75% as the official website states. This combination of actives helps the skin significantly in reducing the visible signs of aging. Your skin will be able to regenerate and protect itself in the future from irritation, environmental stressors, and dryness.
Using Alleure Eye Serum in 3 Steps:

Using a gentle soap wash face with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
Apply the Alleure Eye Serum onto the area around the eyes.
Allow it to penetrate skin and take effect.
These are actually all fantastic benefits and using the product seems simple enough. One thing that really worries me is the fact that they completely missed listing ingredients. Aside from Hyaluronic Acid I found absolutely nothing. Also, where they pointed out this ingredient they didn’t clearly state that it was found in the cream, it just discussed it, which lead me to assume it is an ingredient. Omitting this information is actually a deal breaker for me simply because I want to feel safe when using a product. The only way for me to do this is if I am able to thoroughly research the product before I order.

Unfortunately my research online didn’t turn up much information either. I found nothing on the product except for similar websites that had nearly identical information. No comments, reviews, or articles were written on it either. This leads me to believe that it is either a very new product that I just happen to catch just as it came out or it is not a product to be trusted as its name changes on a regular basis. Either way, it all seems a bit too fishy for me. It may do wonders for all I know but it all smells too much like a scam.


How much does Alleure Eye Serum Cost and What are the Terms?

On one hand, I have to admit that I am somewhat attracted to the idea of paying only $6.49 for shipping and handling to try the product for 14 days. On the other I’m a bit skeptical that that’s enough time to actually see results, and all I am doing is giving my credit card information to a company I am not sure I can trust as there are no reviews. What you get is a 14 day trial from the day you order. Remember these are calendar days not working days. During the trial you can cancel at any time, get an RMA number, and send the product back at your expense. All in all you can lose about $10-15 depending on the shipping you select which isn’t all that much. What worries me is missing this timeframe or not getting my cancellation through if I am not happy and getting charged the $99.95 for the product. In the case you do like the product and want to continue using it you will be charged the full price of $99.95. Also, you are automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program which means you will receive a new bottle of Alleure Eye Serum every month and charged $99.95 plus shipping and handling until you call to cancel. You can cancel your membership at any time and even get credit for a product you were already shipped if it is unopened within 30 days. I highly recommend you take down the numbers and contact information just in case the website disappears, just a precaution.

Do I Recommend Alleure Eye Serum?

This is an interesting question because on one hand, it could prove to be very effective. I admit, I signed up for the 14 day trial and received my bottle on the 3rd day which was rather quick. I started using it that same day. The first couple of days I actually did not see any significant change different from my regular morning face cream. One thing I did notice is a bit of reddening but my skin is very sensitive in general and it did go away after the 5th day and didn’t return. On the 11th day I called to cancel and got the RMA number. Packed up the product in the box they sent it with and sent it on its way. As I expected there was no use in continuing throughout the whole trial as after all, if 10 days weren’t enough to see results, what’s the point in risking missing the opportunity to send it back and not be charged. I had no expectation to see any but in order to write a real review I had to try it. I wasn’t all that impressed with the results, but I am certain that it would take at least a month or two to see significant changes, something I wasn’t willing to risk at $99.95 per shipment as I simply did not feel any real benefits during the trial.

Perhaps my fear of this sort of trials and unknown companies has kept me from the latest product that could have changed my life but I am willing to wait a bit longer until it has gained a bit more popularity so I can do some real research on it before I commit. Though I am willing to pay anything for an effective product I certainly do not have the extra cash lying around to experiment with one. I don’t want to say it was ineffective as I admit that I did not give it a real chance but their auto-ship program and lack of information on the website have somewhat discouraged me from taking their product seriously. I could be wrong but at this point I do think this product may be a SCAM, I highly recommend doing deeper research into it before you order.

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