Diabazole Review: All Natural Blood Sugar Supplement or the Latest Scam?

I personally have no problems with blood sugar but decided to look up Diabazole for my mother who has suffered from diabetes for quite some time. I randomly discovered it as I scanned over the new supplements on the market online and thought perhaps if it really was effective and safe it could help her out in many ways. Today the market is flooded with numerous supplements as they are not regulated by the FDA which means that they can basically concoct just about any formula of natural ingredients and claim that it has some beneficial effect, sell it for an outstanding amount of money, and then run as people discover it is not effective. Their terms and conditions clearly state, on all supplements, that it is not a drug and not meant to have any real effects and that all claims and testimonials are no guarantee you will experience the same results. With that said, I am very wary of supplements in general which is one of the reasons I review them so as to set aside the few quality products from the scams that have flooded the market.

What is Diabazole

Well, they waste no time in sharing the numerous benefits of this supplement. They claim that it will help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, supports glucose levels, helps strengthen cardiovascular functions, and promotes a healthy metabolism.

They go on to discuss the ingredients in a broad spectrum where they provide a quick paragraph of the benefits you should expect and a quick introduction to the ingredients.


Ingredients and Benefits of Diabazole

There are three ingredients in this supplement. Turmeric and Berberine are the main providers of antioxidant support and help the body’s natural inflammatory response. They also help reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol and even help protect the DNA against damage which is caused by environmental toxins. They are also known to help promote detoxification of the liver and when combined with the third ingredient, Piperine, in the correct dosages a great formula is created.

In general it is expected that this supplement will help reduce inflammation, lower blood glucose levels, increase sensitivity to insulin, lower cholesterol, support a healthy cardiovascular system, reduce neuropathy and blow pressure, and since the manufacturer ensures rigorous quality control it is of highest quality.

This is all interesting and honestly sounds great but I think that their benefits are a bit of an overstatement. I have researched each ingredient, and though each has proven to be somewhat effective they certainly do not cover all of the benefits listed by the official Diabazole website.


Ingredients List:

  • Turmeric – Antioxidant which works on the negative effects of free radicals and helps reduce resistance to insulin. My research shows that there is insufficient evidence actually confirming this. Although it has been tested to be safe for up to 8 months it still does pose some risk of side effects which include stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea as per WebMD.
  • Berberine – Manages cholesterol levels and helps enhance overall intestinal health. It has a beneficial impact on the glucose development in the liver. My findings from WebMD show that it is actually possibly effective for diabetes as it has shown to slightly reduce blood sugar levels in individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Recommended amounts of 500 mg 2 times a day for up to 3 months have shown to control blood sugar levels as effective as rosiglitazone and metforminor. The same goes for high cholesterol in the same dose and period of time. It has been known to reduce LDL (low density lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels in individuals diagnosed with high cholesterol. Though it is considered safe for short periods of time it is important to remember that if you take it with regular diabetes medications blood sugar levels could drop too low.
  • Piperine – As per the official website it helps by working on the harmful effects of diabetes and there are even signs that it helps in cases of colon cancer. Helps improve nutrients bio-availability. Unfortunately my findings in WebMD show that there is insufficient evidence for any of these claims. Actually, they are not even listed as possibilities or benefits that have even been questioned in the past. There is basically no information about the real benefits of Piperine.

Although one of the ingredients has proven to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels and high cholesterol I do feel that there is not enough evidence or information to actually back the claims by the official website. Even if this supplement is effective it’s a wide range of benefits which with just one proven to be effective ingredient it is hard to actually believe. I wish they had provided a supplement facts sheet with the amounts of each ingredient in the supplement which will help me further determine whether this is even worth ordering.


Speaking of Ordering…Price and Terms of Diabazole

So, I tried looking for this supplement online in other websites, popular supplement shots both physical and online, and even Amazon but was unable to find any real information. The only way to purchase it is through their free trial offer on the official website.

Free trial sounds great until you read the terms. In most cases unless someone actually brings this to your attention you may not even consider reading the terms and this is what they are hoping for. Unfortunately it is this small detail that has brought up the red flag that this website is a scam. They claim that you get a free trial and will be shipped a 30 day supply of the supplement. You automatically think that this is all for $4.95 but in fact this is just the beginning of it. Turns out you have only 14 days from the day you order the Diabazole to try it and must cancel within the allotted time if you don’t want to be charged the full price of $89.36. Then if you still don’t cancel you are automatically signed up for their auto-ship program for your “convenience” where you will receive a new supply every month and will be charged $89.36 plus shipping and handling.

Regardless of this warning if you are still eager to try the supplement try and exit the website. Then you will be offered a special promotional price if you stay on the website and order. Instead of paying $4.95 initially you will pay $1.95 for the shipping.


Online Reviews and My Opinion for Diabazole

So, I searched quite a bit to find additional information about the supplement but was unable to find anything substantial. Numerous reviews litter the internet many of which are obviously paid. It seems that each of the positive reviews are not really personal reviews and experiences but rather paid advertisements which makes them a bad reference.

Most of the complaints were because of their marketing and auto-ship program which of course, most people did not read the terms and conditions and were stuck paying absurd amounts of money for a supplement they are not even taking. Others complained about the side effects and ineffectiveness of the supplement. Overall, most of the reviews and comment which did sound genuine were negative which leads me to believe that this may not be a quality supplement.

There are numerous ways to catch a SCAM in its tracks and the best way to do it is to read the Terms & Conditions. I personally was immediately turned off by their terms and their sneaky way of hiding the trial information and the actual price of the supplement.

I had plans of ordering it and my mother trying it to see how effective it is if it is effective at all. Unfortunately, their terms have completely put me off. The one effective ingredient, Berberine intrigued me and I was really looking forward to see if it is effective but I guess I will have to find it in another supplement as I refuse to get suckered into a trial scam.


In Conclusion….

I do believe that Diabazole may be effective. Actually, just because of the one ingredient that has been proven to be effective I would have ordered it just to see the results. Unfortunately though, the marketing tactics of the website have put up too many red flags which I cannot ignore. I am not impressed by their website, lack of information, and especially the horrible Free Trial offer they have. If they had offered a set price to just purchase the supplement without replenishment bottles in the terms I would have definitely give it a shot. I recommend that if you see a product being sold only as a Free Trial that you definitely read the terms and conditions as I am almost certain you will be far from impressed and will most likely look for a better alternative.

Aside from the high price, shady terms, and negative reviews and comments on external website I perhaps would have ordered Diabazole, but considering just the shady marketing of the official website I do think it may be a scam.

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