Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer Review: Safe and Effective or the Newest Scam

Women around the world have been looking for a serum that will help increase the thickness and length of their eyelashes. There have been numerous products advertised on the market that claim to do just that but it has been proven that many are not only ineffective but unsafe. I discovered Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer quite by random as I explored what the latest products on the market are. It stood out by mentioning how it is not only the newest and safest but also that it was clinically proven. Though most claim the same these guys say they have proof that it is clinically proven.

I have suffered from thin and short eyelashes all my life smothering my eyes with makeup to make them look fuller and sexier with minimal results. Why not give this a try? I have tried a similar product in the past and did experience some negative side effects so of course I am very skeptical about the results and the possible risks I am going to put my eyes through by trying the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer.

What they Claim

Well, there is not real explanation of how this product works or what exactly is in it for me to give you real information about what it really is. The only thing I can say based on the information gathered from the official website is that it gives clinically proven results (which I will discuss further), gives you longer, thicker, darker, and fuller eyelashes, and as per the official website it is the last enhancer you will ever have to buy.

The official Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer website claims that there are clinically proven results that prove that it will increase eyelash density up to 28% in just 2 to 4 weeks which makes it the latest innovation in modern cosmetic science. They claim that their product is the purest and least irritation and conditioning product on the market today and is safe even for the most sensitive eyes. Which if this is true would be the ideal product for me.

How to Use Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Well, using it is simple enough which I really like. They claim that it won’t take more than 5 minutes from my evening routine and requires application only once at bedtime.

  • Step 1 – Remove all makeup and clean face with a mild cleaner
  • Step 2 – Apply the product along the  base of the lower and upper lash line

Only a small amount of product is required to achieve results. The amount of liquid on the brush when you take it out is more than enough not only for the upper and lower lash line of one eye but both eyes. After that just continue using the product and as per the official you will start to see real results in just 28 days.

So far so good right? Well, honestly, I don’t see how this could really be effective and this is just about as much information I could find about the product. The rest is more or less promotional gibberish which provides no real information which worries me quite a bit.

What I DON’T Like about the Product

Well, the problem is actually with the website and those that have created it rather than with the product itself but it’s enough to make me skeptical about actually ordering it. The first red flag was their “Nation Wide Coverage” portion of the website. It made it look as if their product was widely advertised on major media outlets like FOX, ABC News, CNN News, and CBS. They even have them listed with some text to accompany these famous names. They were obviously hoping that no one would read but would just be impressed with the bold letter writing claiming it was advertised with them but in fact the information provided next to these big names has nothing to do with being advertised or mentioned by them.

The information provided in this portion of the website is basically discussing how women spend $300 for eyelash extensions and $75 for touchups after that. They also discuss that some of the lash growing serums have been banned because of the dangerous chemicals that are found in them and claim that their product is all natural and effective. Of course, this leads me to believe that they are actually not doing themselves a favor as they do not share the ingredients in this serum and makes me worry even more that this may be exactly one of those that should banned due to the chemicals it contains. Unfortunately, their ingredients are not listed so how am I to know?

In addition to this they discuss how false eyelashes can cause complications and if you use their product and your eyelashes grow longer you may never have to use makeup again to make them look fuller. So, all in all absolutely NOTHING to do with the media outlets they were so keen on throwing out there without anything to back their appearance on the website.

My problem with the official website continues with their lack of information about the product itself and absolutely no information about the ingredients. They spend more space on the official website for advertising somewhat unrealistic feedback from people that have ordered their product and claims of how it is used widely by actresses and stars alike including images and even feedback from an “actress/singer” named Nicole without any other information which could really be just about anyone.

One of the strangest parts of the Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer website is the “Buyer Beware” part. This actually made me laugh a little. I found it hilarious that they are actually telling buyers to beware of the competition all the while basically telling them to be aware of their company as well. First claim is to Beware if they claim that “Their Product can Thicken Eyelashes just like That” yes…exactly what they claim. They claim that this is actually impossible and that their product naturally thickens them by naturally growing them back over time. Hm. Sounds just like what they claim for you to beware of. Then they say to beware of websites that try and convince you that their “Product works without proof” another interesting fact considering their only proof is their so called trial with 15 subjects over 2 weeks. Interestingly enough, this has made me worry even more about ordering from them rather than actually consider their product.

Clinically Proven Results of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

So one of the key reasons why I decided to review this product over the rest is because they claimed to have clinically proven results. To an extent they really do. They have done a trial with real people and have gotten real results, to an extent. Unfortunately their trial is of only 15 subjects. Seriously, only 15! They are between the ages of 28 and 82 (interesting numbers) and the trial has shown to increase the density of eyelashes up to 82% in 2 to 4 weeks which is interesting as the trial was for 2 weeks as per the website (though no real documentation of the trial is provided). They even claim that there was a 25% increase in the length of eyelashes as well. This is all great but considering the amount of people that participated this is somewhat unnerving. I think it would have been far more believable if there were at least 40-50 people that participated but just 15!? It’s absurd to even consider it a real trial let alone advertise it.

What’s Inside Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

I got real excited when we got to this portion of the website because there looked to be images of ingredients and really, I mean REALLY tiny text with information next to some of these images. I naturally thought that this would be where I would find the much needed information of what is in this serum. Unfortunately it only looked as if they would provide some real information. In reality the only thing that I found was vague information about how it contains proteins and vitamins which give the product the ability to increase length and thickness of eyelashes giving them more volume. It is also rich in minerals which are responsible for the rejuvenation of the lashes and their sexy shine. The added moisture to the lashes helps improve elasticity, durability and gives you the stronger lashes that you desire. All great information but nothing really informative. Lastly they mention that there are peptides in the serum which add volume, thickness, and length to your lashes all the while preventing damage and breakage giving them what they need to regrow stronger. Far from impressive information and nothing really concrete that is actually helpful.

Where and How to Buy Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Well, if you are still interested in this product, as personally I do think it may be effective. You can purchase it on the official website. It is available in three package options which offer you different options of discount based on the amount you buy.

  • 5 bottle package – $119.85 plus free shipping and handling
  • 3 bottle package – $79.90 plus free shipping and handling
  • 1 bottle package – $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling

Honesty, considering how low the price is I do think that it may be worth buying but personally I am not convinced enough from the official website alone. With that said, I cannot complete my review without actually ordering and trying the product.

My Experience with Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer

Well, of course to complete the review I had to order. I bought one bottle of the product and as they say it really is very simple to apply. Though I did not experience any serious irritation when I applied it it did bother my eyes slightly. Perhaps because I was not used to it but it did continue over the full 3 weeks that I applied it and finally gave up because it felt as if I was going to cause myself some serious problems if I continued. I do have very sensitive eyes so perhaps this could be the reason. With that said, I did not really experience any grand difference in the thickness, length, or volume of my eyelashes. They do seem slightly darker but I think this is because they are more moisturized thus making their tone darker which was nice. Aside from that I can’t say that there were any drastic differences between my eyelashes before I started applying the product and after.

In Conclusion

In all honestly perhaps if you use this product for longer you may experience some positive results. I could not stand using it any longer than 3 weeks but I do think that if you continue with it for longer you may actually see some results though I highly doubt they will match what they advertise to the fullest. My problem was not with the product but with the official website advertising it. I have a hard time trusting a company when they feel that they must trick me into buying their product rather than providing me with the full and real information about what they are selling. If they had been more open and more direct with the information and had avoided using very bad marketing tricks such as noting major media outlets or claiming that their product is used by the stars and models I would have been more trustworthy towards them. Personally I do think that Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer may be an effective product and many people may be missing out on it just because of the horrible tactics of the official website where the product is sold. If you can find this product sold elsewhere I would recommend you give it a try but I do not feel that the official website can be fully trusted and looks more like a scam than anything else.

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