Is Natural Phytoceramides the New Natural Facelift?

I am tired of being reminded of how old I am starting to look and the numerous products available that claim to help me. At one point I was eager to try anything and everything in order to make me look at least 5-10 years younger. I started showing wrinkles early on as I spent a lot of time in the sun and smoke since a teenager so it’s obvious that I had wrinkles long before any of my friends did. I have tried every possible product out there in hopes that I would get results and only got disappointments where with each new trial I got more and more depressed. This led me onto my newest mission of trying to at least help others not make the same mistakes I have made. I am reviewing all of the newest products on the market and those that I feel that are not scams I will order and test out in order to give you an honest and personal review.

Natural Phytoceramides has been popping up quite often lately in my searches and I figured I’d give it a shot. The web is literarily littered with websites and reviews claiming it is the all new revolutionary natural facelift. I have seen this before, and I have fallen for it. If a company has to go to these extremes in order to promote their product then most likely their product is nothing more than a scam and they have no other goal than to take advantage of your desire to look younger and more beautiful. Now, I want to give an honest review and don’t want to get ahead of myself as I am sure there are positive things about this product.

Natural phytoceramid

What is Natural Phytoceramides

Well, from the official website I had a hard time determining if it is a capsule you take or a topical cream. At one point they discuss that you take the supplement and see results while in other parts of the website they are showing it to look like a topical cream. Now, which of the two is true is difficult to say as it seems like others that were writing “honest” reviews were confused as well since there are reviews discussing both. Considering that it’s a product to make you look younger I am guessing that it is a topical cream as it is required to strengthen your skin and product collagen.

With that said, as per the official website Natural Phytoceramides is an advanced wrinkle reduction and prevention formula that has clinical studies confirming that it can decrease wrinkles and fine lines by 83%, increase production of collagen by 92%, and decrease the appearance of dark circles by 65%. All great numbers and it actually would be fantastic if it were possible but unfortunately they don’t share any information as to how they reached these numbers.

They claim that the active ingredients will be able to make you look up to 10 years younger in just 4 weeks of using their product. Interestingly enough though, just a little but further down from that they claim that it takes 12 weeks to fully rejuvenate the skin. It is here that they claim that at 4 weeks you will be able to notice smoother skin, not necessarily look 10 years younger. Which is true I am unsure but from the looks of it at least 4 weeks are necessary for results.


How does Natural Phytoceramides Work?

The official website continuously discusses how the ingredients are incredible and super effective unfortunately they don’t share a list of ingredients. They do offer some research done on Phyto-delivered Ceramides but it doesn’t offer any real information but rather quite confusing details about the trials done. I tried to find more information from a reputable website but unfortunately aside from scam websites claiming it’s the real deal I found nothing real.

They claim that Natural Phytoceramides includes peptides that will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines through promoting collagen production. This in turn helps add to the skins firmness and replenishes antioxidants and vitamins thus making the skin healthier and younger looking. They discuss that clinical studies prove that the ingredients found in this product will work instantly. Each ingredient is strategically selected and proportioned in the product in order to target what scientific researches and professional dermatologists describe as leading factors that cause aging skin and wrinkles.

Natural Phytoceramides will help with elastin formation through a face firming peptide that is proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. All fantastic information which would have been even better if it were actually true, unfortunately from some reputable websites where I know people post real reviews and comments regarding products like these I found little to no information about this product actually being effective.

Natural phytoceramides

My Problem with Natural Phytoceramides

As with many similar products online I discovered that there are interesting similarities between the official Natural Phytoceramides website and numerous other products. It feels as if I had read and seen it all at this point as they steal from each other’s websites to such an extent that there is actually almost nothing original out there. This is also the reason many of these websites share little to no real information about the product itself. Nothing concrete or original as this way they would have to put forth a bit more effort than just claiming that they have a “free” trial.

I searched online to find some genuine reviews and websites of the product but unfortunately aside from comments and discussions in forums (which again were far less than the paid positive comments which are oh so obvious) there is not one genuine review. Not one person that has used this product and shared their experience.

In addition to this I find that the inconsistencies in the official website make it look even less reputable. They first claim that you will be 10 years younger in 4 weeks then they claim that it takes 12 weeks for full rejuvenation and at 4 weeks you will start noticing smoother skin. When you add your information and are taken to the billing page they state that you pay only $2.95 however if you scroll down to the small print shortly after this statement they claim that you pay $4.95. Though this is no big deal, it does show that they mass produce these websites and sometimes forget to change small points or overlook information they have copied from other websites.

When you scroll to the very bottom of the official Natural Phytoceramides website you notice some interesting information. Not only is it incredibly difficult to read due to the darkness of the background and the black font but they have missed replacing Flawless Complexion with the new product name Natural Phytoceramides. If this isn’t enough to convince you that these websites are mass produced and there are very few that are genuine then I don’t know what would.

Lastly, leading from my last issue with the website is the fact that they continuously claim they offer a “free” trial while in the end it is far more than “free”. Actually, if you overlook their 14 day trial terms where you must cancel before the 14th day from ordering Natural Phytoceramides you will be charged the outrageous price of $87.63. To add to that you will also be charged $87.63 plus $4.95 shipping and handling EVERY MONTH as you will continue to receive a 30 day supply of the product every month. If a product really is effective and is quality then they would not have to resort to this sort of shady tactics.


What Others are Saying

As I mentioned I visited some website, reviews, and forums to try and find genuine feedback about Natural Phytoceramides. I have to say this was something like mission impossible as there were so many identical comments and reviews that basically stated exactly as the website claimed and over-exaggerated the results to such an extent that it was obvious that they were paid reviews. I think I have been on this mission long enough to be able to tell a real review from a scam paid comment and review.

One of the biggest problems I found was that many of the people that were scammed into purchasing this product had absolutely no idea that their “free” trial was actually free for only 14 days and after that they would be charged. Many didn’t realize this until several months later where they were in the hole nearly $400 and finally checked their bank statements. Unfortunately at that point the official website has moved to a different domain and they are left without any contact information making it impossible to cancel their “membership”. Many have resorted to blocking their cards just so they would stop charging them for something they haven’t used in months.

Other complaints are the fact that Natural Phytoceramides was actually ineffective. I read reviews of women using the product for more than a month and there were no major results as claimed by the official website. They claim that the product works immediately and long-term effects take longer to take place. Unfortunately no one actually confirmed this information except for the paid reviews. Generally, the reviews and comments said that not only is it ineffective but they ended up paying far more for a “free” trial than they had ever expected.

Still Interested in Buying? Here is Where and How

You can purchase Natural Phytoceramides only from the official website. I tried to find some information about purchasing it from a different website where you can just purchase a month supply without getting enrolled in their auto-ship program but unfortunately the only place you can purchase the product is through the official website.

There you will be showered with promises that you get a “FREE” trial which costs $2.95 in shipping and handling (though this number could be $4.95 as that is what it states in the Terms & Conditions). You will receive a 30 day supply within 3-4 days and of course eager to try it out will start immediately. The problem is that you most likely overlooked that by purchasing you agree with the terms & conditions which clearly state (right under where they say the cost of the Free Trial in small font) that you have only 14 days from the day of purchase to try out their product. If you do not cancel during this time you will automatically be charged $87.63 and will receive a new supply of Natural Phytoceramides every month until you cancel and will be charged $87.63 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

My Experience with Natural Phytoceramides

Of course I didn’t order. I have been pulled into these “Free” trials in the past and honestly I am far from impressed. I have lost a lot of money this way and am far too scared to order anything that says that it will automatically anything. I looked for the product online where I can purchase a full 30 day supply but I could not find it available anywhere except for the official website.

Just to test out their customer service and perhaps get more information on the ingredients I tried to give them a call. The first time it just rang without any answer. The second time I called a woman answered on the other line. I had a real hard time understanding her but from what I understood was that at that moment she did not have the ingredients in front of her and I should try calling again. Did I? No. They obviously don’t know what they are selling.

In Conclusion….

My problem is not with the product. It may even be effective. My problem is with the tactics that the official Natural Phytoceramides website uses to get people to purchase their product and to enroll them in their auto-ship program so as to steal legally from their customers. I find the official Natural Phytoceramides website to be a scam.

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