Pure Testo Explode: Does it REALLY Peak Muscle Power or is it a SCAM!

Pure Testo Explode has side effects?. View customer reviews of Pure Testo Explode and is it a scam? … This product has got to be a fake and a great way to throw your money away.

The guys at the gym have been going nuts about supplements of late so I decided to discover one for myself and came upon Pure Testo Explode. I have done reviews of supplements in the past but have completely given up because as it turns out most of them are complete SCAMS. But with the newly revived interest in supplements of late I decided to try it again, perhaps I will find one that really is effective and worth the money and time. I was quite surprised by how many there are on the market these days. Rather than reviewing a supplement that the guys are taking at the gym I decided to try something new and perhaps bring a new supplement to the table if it really is effective.

I am nearing my 40’s so you can imagine my testosterone has taken a dive over the last couple of years. I am less than satisfied with my performance in the gym and am looking for better alternatives that will help me get the most of my workouts with more stamina and strength. Being on the older end out of the group that I regularly work out with I see the big difference between the amount of time that I can work out, how easily I get tired, and how much I lift. I am at the gym at least 3 times a week, which means that I am not a fanatic but just want to maintain my body and health.


What is Pure Testo Explode

From the official website I gathered that this supplement is developed to boost natural testosterone levels. If you have ever researched testosterone you will discover that it has numerous benefits and for a man of age it will help improve your life on different levels including in the bedroom. What the official website claims is that it will help you build better muscles and allow you to last longer in the gym with added stamina. You will be able to see improvement much faster than ever before and maintain your peak performance exactly when you need it. This all sounds very promising but how is this possible? Although I know the benefits of testosterone I have yet to find a supplement that really does boost testosterone. You are greeted with pictures of muscular men and the body that I have always dreamed of having but I highly doubt they are all with the help of just a testosterone supplement.

“Don’t be average, be the best” really? This comment alone kind of frustrated me simply because honestly, although everyone wants to be special, I see no reason to always be the best. Taking a hit on men’s masculinity is a cheap way to sell a product. Though testosterone really is one of the key ways to making a workout more effective and in general feeling better I think there is a better way to market it. A naturally perfect body is not sculpted with testosterone alone. Spending years in the gym I know this very well and although I am certain it can possibly boost my results I am absolutely sure that it is not the key to a better body.

One thing they are right about is that to get the results you seek and the body you want it takes time. It not only takes time but a LOT of work. You have to be willing to put in a lot of effort and spend a lot of time in the gym. They claim that with this supplement you don’t have to increase your workouts for results as they will be boosted by simply taking Pure Testo Explode. Honestly, I find this to be false advertisement and giving men an unrealistic reality that they will all of the sudden grow muscles by simply going to the gym like every average Jo. If you want real muscles, especially the ones like the guys pictured in the official website, you have to be in the gym, every day, more than once working out harder than you have ever worked out. With this supplement you can increase the power and development of each session in the gym and as it works holistically with your body you do get a burst of energy to lift more and pump harder, or at least as per the official website, but I am certain that it will not give you results without the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to build muscles.


What they Claim

They claim that Pure Testo Explode is an all natural supplement with scientifically tested ingredients proven to work and show no signs of side effects. What I didn’t see though is a list of these ingredients. If they are so confident that they work and are so effective why are they nowhere in the website? Why don’t they list them? This is the first thing that turned me off from this product. They also claim that their product is chosen by professional bodybuilders yet none of them are willing to speak up and actually confirm these claims. Another thing they mention is that their product is a safe alternative to other supplements which I find hilarious. Supplements are ALL natural. If it’s called a supplement it means it’s developed with all natural ingredients, regardless what they are. This does not in any way mean that it is safe or effective, even more so as they are not regulated by the FDA and they can claim just about anything they like without being reprimanded. As it fits to the busy schedule of most that find it hard to make it to the gym it will allow you to enhance the natural results of your workouts.


Testosterone Production Doesn’t Last Forever

Yes, this is more than true. Here they are right. I have done plenty of research into testosterone and once you reach your peak in your 20’s it starts to dwindle and production is reduced. By the time you pass the 30’s mark it is so low that you no longer feel like the same person. This of course is not with absolutely everyone. Some may experience decreased testosterone sooner while others may experience it far later, it’s a matter of getting a feel for it and catching it when it starts to affect your life.

Some symptoms of reduced testosterone are:

  • Reduced stamina and endurance during workouts and sex
  • Results from workouts are slow and workouts are less effective
  • Decreased stamina and performance
  • Depression
  • Longer recovery between workout sessions

Why Choose Pure Testo Explode

Well, the official website certainly has no lack of benefits to list and reasons to take their supplement. They claim that the additional testosterone boost that their product offers works with your internal system which helps you get the added supply of power and energy you need to get through your workouts and more. The body understands and knows how to work with testosterone so you are not forcing it to do something that is unnatural. By boosting testosterone you will help push your body for more energy thus giving you the burst of strength you need to lift harder. As the body understands testosterone it is a holistic way to enhance an already natural process and combat aging as that is what testosterone does, as loss of testosterone leads to weaker performance. With regular intake you will regain your strength, stamina, and confidence like when you were back in your 20’s.

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Benefits Pure Testo Explode Offers

Get the most out of your workouts and achieve the goals you have set to get the ideal body. It is suitable for those that spend every day at the gym just as much as it is suitable for those that go once a week. It doesn’t matter how often you go, it matters the results you are looking for. It simply helps boost the results from your workout so if you go every day of course the results will be much better.

  • More Stamina – you will get an extra boost in energy which will allow you to last longer in the gym which means that you will be able to pump more energy allowing for a more perfect raining.
  • More Strength – with this supplement you will not only build empty muscles but really develop the physical strength of your body and performance as you sculpt your muscles.
  • Noticeable Results – the added confidence boost comes from the fact that not only will you notice the results but so will everyone else around you

How and Where to Buy Pure Testo Explode

This supplement is available only on the official website. I tried to find it elsewhere but had no luck. I was kind of surprised by the high price for it which, if it really does work, may be worth it, but it better have some serious results. This was not what completely threw me off buying it. Actually, what blew me away were their terms and conditions that were so well hidden in plain sight.

If you order their free trial, which is the only option for purchase, you pay only $4.97 for shipping and handling. You receive a 30 day supply and think you got a great deal. What they hide from you is the fact that this trial is for only 14 days from the day you order. When you put the shipping time in there you have about 10 days to actually try the supplement. This is simply not enough time to try a supplement and see if it is effective. After that, if you do not call and cancel within the 14 days and return the product within the given time you will be charged $119.97 for it. Not only this, you are automatically signed up for their auto ship program where you will continue to be charged $119.97 plush full price of shipping and handling EVERY MONTH until you cancel. I have seen scams like these and feel that if their product really is this great and effective I see no reason for them to use this trickery to rob their customers of their money. I don’t see anyone in their right mind actually agreeing to something like this, but knowing that most people don’t read the terms and conditions they take advantage and are legally allowed to charge you anything they like.

My Experience and Recommendations with Pure Testo Explode

So, will I complete my review with a real experience with this product? No. I actually was even willing to pay the $119.97 to try it but I refuse to give a website like this my card information because I do not trust that it will not be charged over and over again without my permission. They have a legally binding contract stating that I agree for them to continue charging me and I refuse to sign it. I actually do think this supplement may be effective don’t get me wrong. Even though I do not know the ingredients they use to increase testosterone, if it really does boost testosterone I know there will be great benefits. Unfortunately the tactics the marketers of the product use to try and scam people into buying it are horrible. They not only withhold a lot of important information but try and scam you into buying something with “free trial” offers which is straight up wrong.

I did some external research to find some information about the product on other websites, reviews, and feedback from people that have tried it and the one consistent thing I did find among many of the bough reviews and comments was that people felt scammed by ordering as they were not aware of the terms. Not only that it was nearly impossible to cancel the membership afterwards as well.

So, in conclusion I feel that this supplement, although it may be effective, is a scam. I feel that the Pure Testo Explode is a scam regardless how promising their product seems.

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